What volunteering do you do?

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With the relaunch again of the Big Society its worth asking yourself the question what volunteering do I do? Well if you’re Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister and the man charged with making all the cuts to the public sector, the answer is um, er I go to church and thats an unfair question. Check out his highly embarrassing interview with the BBCs Eddie Mair below. Now the Daily Telegraph is questioning whether he is the right person to be speaking on the Big Society which they rightly point out has enough problems as it is. And for the record in case you’re interested Francis I help run a community football project in Stratford-Upon-Avon working with disadvantaged young people in conjunction with, you’ve guessed it,  my local church.

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Private forestry comes out of the woodwork

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Want to know who will really benefit from the big forestry sell off? Well a good starting point would be to look at who has benefitted so far from timber sales in 2011, put on hold today by the government. You can check out the winners yourself here. One undoubted winner is Tilhill forestry, the UKs leading forestry and timber production company, with a turnover in excess of £100 million. In fact of the 3 lots of forestry put on sale to date none have gone to community groups or charities. Included in the lots is land in Sherwood Forest, the New Forest and the Forest of Dean. Could it be that rather than wanting to put in place more safeguards on access and biodiversity, the real reason the government decided to put the sale on hold is they didn’t want to be selling off our forests to private companies at such a politically sensitive time?

Jonathan Porritt cuts green groups down to size

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Jonathan Porritt in a scathing article on his blog has accused the environmental movement of collectively betraying the public by not supporting the grassroots campaign to stop the forestry sell off. Strong words indeed coming from the former head of Friends of the Earth (whose former employer also does not escape his wrath). In a withering assessment of each he comes to the conclusion that they are either too concerned about their relationship with the Department of the Environment to criticise the sell off or they hope to gain from it. But is he right? READ MORE

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