Chatter Matters

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On wednesday to celebrate Chatter Matters Week mums, dads and children from Stratford Childrens Centre took singing, storytelling and dancing out onto the streets of Stratford. I went along with my little girl Georgia. We visited Morrisons supermarket, Cafe Nero, Shakespeare’s Birthplace and the library. The idea behind Chatter Matters Week is simple : talking, being face to face, repeating words, speaking slowly and joining in their play helps children talk. The Royal Shakespeare Company has also supported Chatter Matters Week putting on activities and workshops that encourage families to learn, play and talk together. It was great fun and a big thank you to Corrin and Alex who organised the day. Click on an image below to see the slideshow.

Which would you invest in – nuclear or solar power?

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The frightening prospect of a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi facility in Japan shows exactly why we should be investing in renewable energy. Instead the greenest government ever are slashing their support for solar and other renewables.

When I was working as a renewable energy campaigner at Greenpeace in 2000 we came up with the slogan ‘The future’s bright, the future’s solar’. We borrowed it from Orange and used it to promote the first ever solar net metering agreement called Solarnet with the former Eastern Electricity.


Manta Rays slaughtered to feed demand for Chinese medicine.

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Firstly tigers were killed. Then sharks. Now in the Daily Mail I report that Manta Rays are being killed to feed the insatiable demand for Chinese medicine. The rays are pulled from the ocean, either with fine nets or spears, and then slaughtered for their gills. Chinese practitioners believe eating the gills helps to reduce toxins in the blood although there is no scientific evidence to support this. One kilogram of gills from a mature Manta sells for $200 at a Chinese market. I have been lucky enough to swim with and photograph these gentle ocean giants in the Maldives. We must stop this mindless slaughter.

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