Sharks in the shallows

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At this time of year the shallow waters and lagoons around the Maldives are home to numerous baby Black Tipped Reef Sharks. They swim up and down harrying the schools of young fish which are grouped en masse for protection. To put the predators off the group splits as a shark approaches becoming a spiralling and constantly moving ball of tightly packed bodies. The shark in turn is confused and finds it difficult to pick out a victim. On the other hand the Grey Heron and Jack Fish, the other main predators, have no such problems and charge at the fish causing mayhem. In their desperation to escape many of the young fish literally throw themselves out of the water, causing the surface to  ‘fry’, which then makes them an easy meal for the waiting sharks. In this way the predators in the shallows work in unison to corner and devour their prey.

Maldives one of the 7 wonders of nature

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I’m in the Maldives for a week to promote the islands as one of the new 7 wonders of nature. Its a global marketing competition designed to encourage people to vote for the 7 best places in the world for biodiversity. The vote will be on 11 November 2011. It follows on from a competition in 2007 to find the new 7 wonders of the world in which over 100 milion people voted. The Maldives is one of 28 finalists who include Komodo National Park, the Amazon and Table Mountain in South Africa so they’ve got some stiff competition. I think they should be one of the new 7 wonders of nature  because their underwater reefs and coral gardens are the best in the world and because with rising sea levels they may not be here in three generations time so we need to recognise them while we can.

Andrew Lansley rap

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Young people do care about the future of the NHS – watch this video (Warning contains strong language from the outset).  The rapper is MC NxtGen, a 22 year old binman from Loughborough. According to the Guardian the rapper, real name Sean Donnelly, has found himself a viral YouTube and Twitter sensation after recording the track. Instead of the traditional hiphop themes of bling, booty and babes, Donnelly has recorded a caustic three-minute rap about the Department of Health’s white paper “Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS“, and dedicated it personally to the health minister. Even Lansley himself has been moved to comment. “We will never privatise the NHS,” he told the Guardian. “But I’m impressed that he’s managed to get lyrics about GP commissioning into a rap.” It ends with a quote from Aneurin ‘Nye’ Bevan, the founding father of the NHS, “The NHS will last as long as there are folks left with the faith to fight for it”.

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