I sank a German U-boat in 1943, I was just 20-years-old and terrified

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What was it like to be on ship during the Battle of the Atlantic and to run the gauntlet of Hitlers U-boats? Here is an interview I carried out with Chris Durban, a 90 year old veteran of the Battle of the Atlantic who sank a U-boat on Christmas Day 1943. “I never thought I’d see one again, especially this close up,” Durban told me . “When I last saw a U-boat 70 years ago they were firing at me as they went down. I was just a 20-year-old and I was terrified”. It was published on the Independent newspaper’s website.

The man who pushed his luck with Alex Ferguson

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The retirement of Alex Ferguson has reminded me of an amusing encounter he had with an ex professional football friend of mine, Dennis Bailey. 21 years ago when playing for QPR Dennis went down in football history as being one of only two players ever to have scored a hat trick against Manchester United at home and the only person to be on the winning side. The hat trick made a big impression on manager Alex Ferguson and is mentioned in his best selling 1999 autobiography, Managing My Life. In it he states “Bailey did push his luck a little when he danced into our dressing room full of the joys wanting our players to sign the match ball”.  The goals have been preserved for posterity on Youtube. No doubt they wont be playing that clip at his testimonial.

The internet meets Fawlty Towers

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Ive just started a course at Stratford college on designing and publishing your own website. It’s aimed at beginners or people who know a little about the internet. It will run for the next 7 weeks on a monday night from 7pm to 9pm and by the end of it each pupil will have their very own website. Each week there will be a guest star appearance talking about the power of the net. This week its Basil Fawlty talking about communication problems. If you cant attend but would like the notes please contact me.


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