2011 -  Marketing and communications consultant As a self employed consultant I have been employed by a variety of clients doing web design, events, traditional and ‘new’ media and lobbying. I have developed and promoted a new website for Coco Palm resorts in the Maldives, organised an event in Westminster for Co-ops UK attended by over 50 MPs and Senior Civil Servants, generated significant press coverage on behalf of Stratford Childrens Centres and Stratford Armouries and launched a Co-operative Bill with Co-ops UK and the Prime Ministers Office.

2006 – 2011 Expert Adviser, Commission for Rural Communities As an expert advisor at the Commission for Rural Communities I managed a senior stakeholder event programme called ‘The Rural Experience’. Over 90 executives from government, business and the voluntary sector took part in the programme. From 2006 – 2008 I was head of communications and responsible for launching the commission including its website, brand guidelines, print and publications, internal communications and media.

2002 – 2005 Director of Marketing and Communications, Ramblers As Director of Marketing and Communications at the Ramblers I was responsible for coordinating media coverage of the roll out of the right to roam across England and Wales from 2002 to 2005. At the time the right to roam was highly controversial within the farming and landowning community and some newspapers, notably the Daily Telegraph, were actively campaigning against it. Read more.

2000 – 2002 Head of Campaigns, Commission for Racial Equality I was Head of Campaigns at the Commission for Racial Equality during the race riots in northern towns in 2001. This resulted in severe rioting in several towns which dominated the news headlines for many days and was considered privately by the senior management team to be a direct threat to race relations in Britain. Read more.

1997 – 2000 Campaigner, Greenpeace As a Climate Change Campaigner working for Greenpeace in 1997 I was on a ship the ‘MV Greenpeace’ taking action in the Atlantic Frontier, west of Shetland to stop BP drilling for new oil. We had occupied a mobile drilling rig called the Stena Dee for a week when we were served with a writ by BP who sued Greenpeace for £1.4 million in damages and impounded our vessel in the Court of Session (the supreme civil court in Edinburgh). Read more.


1994 – 1997 Agriculture Campaigns Officer, The Wildlife Trusts

1993 – 1994 Farm Conservation Advisor, Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

1990 – 1993 Research Biologist and Advisory Officer, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

1988 -1989 Ranger, States of Jersey Planning Department

1987-1988 Researcher, BBC Natural History Unit

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I am a marketing and communication consultant with over 20 years experience. I organise events, develop websites and promote businesses using traditional and social media. I am also a successful freelance journalist and have been published in the Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

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