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New Home Front Design Competition

Jan 23, 2011   //   by Nicholas Milton   //   Blog, Second World War  //  No Comments

New Home Front are launching a competition to find the best ways in which wartime posters can be updated to help today’s society understand the dangers of climate change. Wartime slogans such as “Is your journey really necessary?”  and “Dig for Victory” remain as relevant today when so much business travel could be replaced by video conferencing and food miles continue to increase our carbon footprint.

Colour blind sharks

Jan 19, 2011   //   by Nicholas Milton   //   Blog, Environment  //  No Comments

SharkSharks have been much in the news recently following the attacks at Sharm El Sheikh. However, new research has indicated that sharks may be colour blind according to The Los Angeles Times.

Nathan Hart, associate research professor at the University of Western Australia said  “Now we know a bit more about how such sharks see the world, it may be possible to design swimming attire and surf craft that have a lower visual contrast to sharks and, therefore, are less ‘attractive’ to them. After all, most shark attacks are thought to be the result of curiosity on the part of a shark that has been attracted to an unusual stimulus, rather than some premeditated ambush.” Read more >>

Wellington Bomber takes off one last time

Jan 13, 2011   //   by Nicholas Milton   //   Blog, Second World War  //  No Comments


For the last year I have been working with Stratford Armouries to develop a new Second World War exhibition.  Today I witnessed the remains of a Wellington bomber take off one last time. The bomber was purchased from a private collection and will now form the centre piece of the museum. The move featured on ITVs Central News.

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