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Magic moments

Mar 17, 2016   //   by Nicholas Milton   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Milton, Herbert

YouTube Preview ImageSad to hear about the death of Paul Daniels. He was on every Saturday night when I was growing up. My grandfather Herbert pictured was a professional magician. Here is a clip of Paul doing a trick Herbert invented called the 4 Aces.

How do you reconcile a £5 Indian smartphone designed to help the poor being made with child labour?

Feb 17, 2016   //   by Nicholas Milton   //   Blog  //  No Comments

smart phoneThe Guardian today has reported that an Indian company has just launched the cheapest smartphone in the world which will retail at £5. International development organisations are increasingly using mobile phones to help lift the world’s poorest people out of poverty, using them to advise on everything from education to health. Yet last month the Guardian also reported an Amnesty International report which showed that most smartphones contain cobalt mined using child labour in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. How do you reconcile a £5 Indian smartphone designed to help the poor being made with child labour in the DRC?


The BBC should treasure Chris Packham, not sack him

Sep 9, 2015   //   by Nicholas Milton   //   Blog  //  1 Comment

My Guardian article today in defence of the BBC presenter Chris Packham has been shared over 10,000 times. Interesting how the Countryside Alliance’s attempt to get him sacked has simply proved how popular he is. The full article is below.

So Chris Packham finds himself in deep water again over comments he has made in his column in BBC Wildlife magazine. His latest outburst, a broadside against the conservation groups he has worked with all his life including as vice-president of the Wildlife Trusts and the RSPB, is typical of a man who has never toed the line, whether as a conservationist, campaigner or BBC presenter.

Chris Packham



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