Fingers in the Sparkle Jar

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FISJFingers in the Sparkle Jar by Chris Packham is a beguiling book. It is a beautiful book. And it is an incredibly brave book. Love and angst ridden throughout, its literary meanderings paint a really vivid picture of growing up contrasting the beauty of nature with the ugliness of life. Reading it I found out Chris and I had a lot in common. The 1970s upbringing in suburbia. The feeling of alienation. Being bullied at school. Stashing away pornographic magazines so your Mum wouldn’t find them.  Punk music – him the Clash, me the Boomtown Rats. And of course nature.

Chris had his Kestrel and being a huge fan of the Boomtown Rats I had a pet Rat who terrorised the neighbours whenever he got out. Like Chris’s Kestrel he died tragically when trying to escape from his metal cage, biting a hole in the top and then poking his head through hanging himself in the process. And like Chris I’ve had my share of battles in life. So as someone who worked with him on the Really Wild Show and has followed his impressive career with interest I really hope he writes a sequel and brings his incredible life story up to date.

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