When are we going to see charity screenings of the film Trash?

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Jakarta_slumlife71I went to see the film Trash last night at my local arts cinema, a couple of months after it was first released. Trash follows the lives of 3 trash picking boys in the slums of Rio and only had a limited release in general cinemas. But what a great movie for showing what life is like for the millions of people around the world who make their living scavenging on rubbish dumps. Produced by Stephen Daldry who brought us Billy Elliott and scripted by Richard Curtis who brought us Comic Relief you would expect the film to combine great acting with tackling poverty. The fact that Trash is also a realistic action movie which shows the violence and intimidation too often dished out to the world’s poor makes it a film which stands apart from others in the same vein like Slumdog Millionaire. But why haven’t the many different international charities who work with trash pickers used it to promote their work? Or have I missed it? When I worked at Practical Action we did some fantastic work with waste pickers in Nepal. I know a lot of other charities do similar work. Still time for them to arrange charity screenings for their members before it is released on DVD?YouTube Preview Image

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